Fabricator Advantage

The Fabricator Advantage

6-Week Sales Accelerator Workshop

A hands-on multi-week group program for stone fabricators to define their marketing strategy, build a system for winning new customers, and craft their competitive advantage.

Do you find yourself thinking:

Then our 6-Week Marketing Accelerator Workshop Workshop will help you…

Implement the strategies and systems that your stone shop needs to gain better sales consistency, run by the numbers, and stand apart from the competition.

Program Details

For 6 weeks, not only will we educate you on these critical topics, we will work with you to implement them.  If you take the actions we recommend, by the end of the workshop you should already be getting more sales leads.

Limited Capacity - 15 Stone Fabrication Companies

Due to the high level of hands-on support, we can only accept 15 company registrations. We will let you determine who from your company would benefit from attending.

Meet the workshop facilitators


Ed Young

- Successful fab shop manager
- Has helped many fab shops become successful
- Has improved businesses in many industries
- Conducted multiple company turnarounds
- Owned a brick and mortar business with multiple locations


Stephen Alberts

Stephen owns the Countertop Marketing Co and helps shops get more retail jobs outside of word-of-mouth and contractors. He works with shops all over the US and Canada.

Justin Shaw SFE Headshot

Justin Shaw

Justin helps stone fabricators to systematize their front-end sales and scale more easily through our industry leading Sales Sidekick Program.

Gain access to the exact tactics that they use to support many of the country’s top stone fabrication companies.

What our clients say about our work

We look forward to working with YOU to help you get several fundamental aspects of your business dialed in so you can gain greater control over your business and success.

How You’ll Learn


3 Core Modules

You will learn how to create a strong marketing foundation through three core modules that guide you step-by-step through the process of generating additional leads and closing more sales.


Live Sessions 2x Per Week

Feedback from other workshops shows us that a typical one-session-per-week pace is just too slow.  Fabricators need much quicker results.  So we have designed this workshop with 2 sessions per week to deliver solid results for you quickly.


Design for Real-Time Implementation

Our workshop includes dedicated implementation time to ensure participants see real business impact. Before the workshop is over, you will already see additional sales leads coming to your business.  That’s true value!

How To Claim Your Spot & Registration

Workshop Pricing


Early Bird Registration Price


Regular Price to Enroll

Do not let changes in the economy shake your business. Learn how to avoid a slow down in your sales.

By the end of this marketing accelerator workshop your shop will be more resilient.

If you want to be more in control of your business, if you want to drive your sales volume to feed your business instead of hoping it will – you need to attend this workshop.


This workshop is designed for stone shops that want to develop a marketing strategy that consistently delivers sales leads within 6 weeks.

While we do encourage you to attend each session to gain the most value. Sessions will be recorded for you to access at your convenience.

The workshop facilitators may be able to work with qualified shops directly, but our done-for-you services are more expensive.

If you attend and fully engage in the first 3 sessions and still want to cancel, we will provide a full refund.

We do offer a 50% refund if canceling 3 weeks in advance of the workshop start date.

You can register a total of 3 members from your team to attend the workshop.